Pose Millinery | About
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I’ve always loved dressing up. From an early age, I leapt at the opportunity to raid both my grandmothers’ wardrobes, donning their fur coats and pearls — and topping off any outfit with a hat, even if it was just to hide the unflattering pudding bowl haircut I’d been given by my mother.


I design original pieces, using felt and sinamay bases, and offer both a personal and affordable millinery experience. All too often you stand in front of an array of hats, unsure how to find a style that suits your face shape, your colouring and your dress sense. And when you do find one you like, you realise you’d have to win the lottery to pay for it.


Why Pose?  My childhood nickname seemed apt for a millinery company.  You can do many things in a hat – flirt, pout, hide but ultimately you are striking a pose…